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Content of census returns described in tabular form.

England, Scotland, Wales



Ireland Census Substitutes


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Civil Registration

Content, commencement date, indexes and how to obtain civil birth, marriage and death certificates described in tabular form.

England and Wales, with Lundy Island



Channel Islands

Isle of Man

British Columbia
New Brunswick
Newfoundland & Labrador
Northwest Territories
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island
Yukon Territory

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G.R.O. Registration Index Numbering Chart

Table setting out the various numbers that were used to define the volumes in which the birth, marriage and death civil registration entries were indexed by the General Register Office of England.

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Relationship Chart

Table showing the relationship, pursuant to Canon Law, between you and another individual in your family, or between two other principal people in your family tree.

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Records Quick Reference Chart

For the beginner. A quick guide to the records required for a successful search, describing the use of each.

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Table of Changes
Julian to Gregorian Calendar

Table containing dates and years of change from Julian calendar to Gregorian calendar for various countries worldwide with years in which those countries adopted 1 January as the start of the New Year.

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List and Index Society Reference Chart

Table containing summary of most volumes produced by the List and Index Society.

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English Statutes
restricting Roman Catholics

Table containing dates, years and effect of various English Statutes which at first debarred Roman Catholics from all manner of freedom and eventually restored their privileges.

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