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Prices of all services are subject to change without prior notice.  However, we guarantee that no increase in price will be charged to you if we receive your request prior to any published raise in price for this service.

We offer a unique research support service for amateur and novice genealogists through our Research Plan service.

Benefits to you

  • Assurance that your research stays in the right tree
  • Quicker, more efficient solutions to your research problems
  • Breakthrough research roadblocks
  • Maximize your time at an archive or library
  • Less waste of your valuable resources

Why we think we can help you

  • 49 years of combined successful legal and genealogical research
  • 17 years of respected editorial and copywriting activities
  • 9 years of full-house seminars and lectures
  • 9 years of successful genealogical class instruction

Are you stuck and need a plan of research to breakdown your brick wall?  Or are you just beginning and not quite sure where to start?  Our Research Plans are structured for your specific research hurdle and will lay out the steps required to get you on track.

Ideal service for novice and amateur genealogists who wish to do their own research but need a guiding light.  Our Research Plans provide step-by-step instructions on what documents are required, where to find them, and points out any potential trouble spots with suggested solutions.

Typically, a Research Plan will provide the necessary information to research up to three generations of two distinct family lines.  Fee includes one hour of review of your currently known and documented information as well as the time required for the preparation of your Research Plan. I will contact you by email if additional information or clarification is required.

Consultations can be conducted by email or instant messenger for those who are unable to attend at a personal meeting.  Contact us for more information on how to obtain a consultation.

Research Plan Fee                  $135.00      Sample Research Plan

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If you wish to order your Research Plan, today, please:

1.  download our Research Plan Request Form (this PDF file will open in a separate window), which we will need you to complete and return to us; and,

2.  complete your payment for this service by clicking on the payment button, above, and follow the instructions given to take you through the checkout process.

Once we have received your completed questionnaire it will be reviewed to see if we require any additional information from you. If we do require further information or clarification we will contact you by email or by telephone if you reside on continental North America.

Your Research Plan will be emailed to you within 15 business days following receipt of your payment in full for this service and your completed Family Knowledge questionnaire.  A hard copy of the plan will also be mailed to you via regular post at no additional charge to you.

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