Antiquarian, Second-Hand and Out-of-Print Books

All of the books and ephemera that appear in our Antiquarian, Second-Hand and Out-of-Print books section have been carefully hand chosen for the technical and physical merits of the material contained within each book or ephemera and the value that those contents could bring to one's historical, social or family history research. See read our ASR.
Prices of all books and ephemera are subject to change without prior notice.
Akenfield portrait of an English Village
Anatomy of Britain, an intimate, surprising and entertaining explanation of the world's most baffling people
Barretts of Wimpole Street
The story of Kents Caverns, Wellswood, Torquay, Devon
Johnston's Clan Histories, the Clan Campbell
Letter of the Corpus Association, Michaelmas 1987

The Dubarry Inheritance
The Oxford History of England, English History 1914-1945
A History of Falkirk

The Life of William Ewart Gladstone, vol. 1
Mee's, The King's England, Gloucestershire
Grey Mistress
Hepworth Hundred Years of Co-operative Adventure
Human Curiosities
Illustrated English Social History, vol 2, The age of Shakespeare and the Stuart Period
Ireland in Historial perspective
Fodor's London travel book, 2001
Life in Ireland
Manchester, a short history
Life on the English Manor
The Queen's Plate, a Royal Tradition 1860-1963
The House in the Quiet Glen and The Family Portrait
The Rothschilds
Victorian Sisters, The remarkable MacDonald women and the great men they inspired
The Isle of Skye
Waveney Valley Studies, Gleanings from Local History
Welsh, Welsh for Learners
Women all on Fire, the story of four women during the England Civil War
Canada at War, a Record of Heroism and Achievement 1914-1918 containing also a story of Five Cities