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I've been working diligently with the Research Plan that you prepared for me.  It's absolutely amazing!  I am now finding the answers to all of my ancestry questions.  I can't believe that for years I was getting nowhere and now, with your plan, I've almost completed my research on my father's branch of the family.    S. Atkinson, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Thanks ever so much for the most interesting and informative letter!  Boy, that was quick!  I can't believe you translated those documents that fast!!  Your explanation of the rule of gavelkind inheritance and how property was divided was valuable information.  Thanks a million for your help and advice!    L. Eastes, Florida, U.S.A.

We have enjoyed working through all this material you have sent - but we are particularly taken by the document that links the family of Cornwall township to the families in Haldimand County.  A great find!    J. Brett, New South Wales, Australia

Thank so much for searching this out for me and putting together this research plan.  Your extra help in these matters is very very much appreciated.    G. Harman, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Thank you for a very comprehensive answer.  It was certainly more than I expected and its content is much appreciated.  Thanks for going that extra mile.    A. Long, New Zealand

Thanks Susan, this research plan is a great start for me.     D. Godbout, Belleville, Ontario

Thank you so very much for your in-depth and informative reply to my request for help.  I very much appreciate it and will sit and go through all the information you have supplied.    S. Morris, Isle of Wight, England

Thanks so much for your help.  It was both amazingly quickly done, and accompanied by notes that added much to my understanding.  Well done!    T. Spencer, Nelson, British Columbia

Thank-you, for your interesting information with helpful comments.  However, it does look likely that I need to seek out the routes of search you rightly highlighted.  Most helpful.    K. Enns, California, U.S.A.

"You have met and exceeded every one of my research goals."    M. Hovell, Australia

"As always, I was delighted with the magnitude of valuable information that came with your letter..."    N. L. Welch, Tennessee, U.S.A.

"I can't believe you found that marriage.  I have been looking for it for years."    Mrs. B. Laughton, St. Catharines, Ontario

"You told me to keep my eye on those Malloys.  How did you know they would lead me to my Dunns?"    Mrs. G. Denyer, St. Catharines, Ontario

"I am so pleased with the information you have found.  I was sure that all hope was lost."    T. Pitcher, Norfolk Island, South Pacific

"Most impressed with presentation.  Reviewed it fully twice and +++ some parts."  You did a great job and I know that Paddy was very pleased with your work."    P. and B. Galvin, Ontario, Canada

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