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Our Mission

To become one of the most trusted and reliable sources for compiled genealogical information, data and ancestries through accurately researched and fully referenced databases, compiled family histories, educational publications, and 'hands-on' research.

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Company Profile

Since 1990 Ancestry Solutions has provided a unique research support service to amateur and novice genealogists.  For those avid family historians who are unable to carry out their own research we also undertake full research activities.  Our many years of experience in legal and genealogical research, as well as our interest in maintaining the highest genealogical standards ensures that every one of our clients receives the full benefit of our experience and integrity.

Some of the benefits our clients enjoy include:

  • the reliability of our database information;
  • the accuracy of our compiled genealogies;
  • the proven effectiveness of our educational publications in solving research woes;
  • the assurance that their research stays in the right family tree;
  • quicker and more efficient solutions to research problems;
  • breakthroughs in research roadblocks;
  • the ways and means to maximize any time spent at an archive or library

all of which resulted in less waste of our clients' valuable time and money.

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The Founder

small photo of founder of ancestry solutionsAncestry Solutions began its existence during 1990 as The Family Historian.  Established by Susan D. Young she brought to this venture her wealth of meticulous research skills, knowledge, and experience honed over 20 years in the demanding and precise field of law.

For as long as she could remember, Susan had always been keenly interested in family history.  As a child, her maternal grandparents would often tell her little stories about life in England; the feisty ocean-going family from Kent and the strong-willed yeomen and squires of Devon. Through these stories and through the absence of forthcoming knowledge of her paternal Young family, Susan was spurred to embark upon a course of personal ancestral discovery.  It was not long after that personal voyage began that Susan realized that the skills and knowledge that she had gained in her professional life would be extraordinarily useful in producing results in her personal quest.  Susan's voyage of ancestral discovery began during 1983, some 30 years ago.

Fascinated by the volume of documents available, Susan delved further into the past and realized that something more was needed than just cold genealogical data to bring her ancestor's to life. Thus began another quest, to locate, research and collect social historical information pertaining to her ancestors and the birth of three specific and independent research projects followed suit. Over many years of gathering massive amounts of information about Kent, England; Ontario and Newfoundland and its people, Susan created several independent databases. The largest of the three is by far the East Kent Families Database with more than 459,000 unique entries. Of course this database is not complete and it seems almost every day another find is added to it. Smaller proprietary databases have also been built for Ontario Families and Newfoundland Families developed out of special interests of other family members.

Susan also quickly realized that there were many novice and amateur family historians who could benefit from her many years of unique experience.  During 1986 she volunteered her services to a local private genealogical research library.  In 1989 she accepted the appointment as the British and European Research Specialist for that same library, a posting which continues to this day.

In all, Susan brings to this venture over 43 years of combined legal and genealogical research experience, 14 years of editorial and copywriting experience, 7 years of experience as a seminar lecturer, and 6 years of experience as a genealogical class instructor.  For more information about Susan and her genealogical experience please review her Curriculum Vitae.

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Contact Information

Ancestry Solutions
St. Catharines, Ontario
L2R 1T2

Telephone:        289-273-6590

Please do not telephone us concerning your difficulties with your account.  We are an independent company in no manner affiliated with Ancestry or its associated companies.


General Information:  executive office "at" ancestry solutions "dot" com

Please do not write to us concerning your difficulties with your account.  We are an independent company in no manner affiliated with Ancestry or its associated companies.

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