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This website is designed to supply you with enduring tools, products and services that you will require now and into the future, to successfully and easily trace your family's story.  We endeavour to offer you the best information that we can to help you successfully reach your research goals.

As such, the information being delivered to you through this portal is complex in content and constantly evolving and growing. News of updates and new information added to our site are now exclusively published on our Facebook page.

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Web Site Layout

We have dramatically altered the layout of our website and have now streamlined access to every page throughout our site so that it can be found through the various items on our new navigation menu at the top of the page. Due to the extreme number of changes throughout our website you will have to update any old links that you had to pages by accessing the new pages via the new navigation system and resaving those pages into your "Favourites" or "Bookmarks" folders.

Our home page now contains a short description of what we do, snippets of recommendations by past clients, a "Weekly Features" column and a column on the left-hand side of your screen that will contain descendants being sought for ongoing research projects, more "Weekly Features", special advertisements and so on. Below our raison d'être we will, from time to time be running sales announcements.

Our Company's FAQs

All of our company information is now accessed via the "Our FAQs" menu item on the new website navigation bar, above. Here, you will find links to pages containing client recommendations of our services, information about our company, information about me, acknowledgments and thanks given to those individuals and agencies that have been instrumental throughout the existence of Ancestry Solutions to its continued success, website FAQs, and our Contacts page. The "What's Up" sub-menu item under "Our FAQs" leads to links to pages containing our new releases of books, databases and other products and services; independent publication credits given to Ancestry Solutions for it's role in assisting with others published works of research; any media coverage that we have garnered; and news of any upcoming events such as our expected attendance at books fairs, genealogy symposiums, lecture and seminar schedules and so on.

Our Products and Services

Our genealogy and family history products and research services are to be found through the "Our Products" or "Our Services" menu items in new navigation bar at the top of this information. We are pleased to announce that we have added new services to our mix: forensic research, property histories, business histories as well as the production of memoirs and family photograph books. We have also now set out the topics of seminars and lectures that can be booked for your group. See the "Seminars and Classes" link at the bottom of the "Our Services" submenu item.

East Kent Families Database

If you are researching ancestors in east Kent, England that you will definitely want to take a look at the index to the East Kent Families Database and at its' source list.  This is the first database in what will eventually evolve into a series of Families databases and published genealogies.  The East Kent Families Database and the planned projects for Ontario, Canada are very ambitious projects and will proceed at a slow pace.  As much as we would love to provide our databases as a free search, we are unable to do so.  In order for us to maintain the high level of integrity that was established at the outset of building our databases and in order for the work to continue, this aspect of our site can only exist if the work is supported through your purchase.

Antiquarian, Second-Hand and Out-of-Print Books

Now included in the submenu of "Our Products" what was formerly our "Bookshelf" has been turned into a catalogue format so that each book could be treated with a fuller description of its contents.  The books that we offer for sale, here, have been carefully hand chosen for the technical and physical merits of the material contained within each book or ephemera and the value that those contents could bring to one's historical, social or family history research. We have scoured second-hand book dealers, flea markets, yard and boot sales for these perfectly useable but unwanted books that contain material of valuable genealogical and historical value.

The Free Resources on our Site

Free-to-view Family Trees

Family history research data of the Chamberlain, Young and Penny families, all of whom are, in some manner, associated with Ancestry Solutions and it's owner, are to be found via the Ancestral Collectives menu item.

Our Free Resources and Tutorials

All of our tutorials, free family history lessons, puzzles, census and civil registration quick reference charts, planning aids, website reviews, calendars and calculators are now all organized and accessible via the "Reference Centre" navigation menu item. There, you will see that we have broken the various free resources into three main categories "Learning", "Planning" and "Resource Library". Each of those submenu items, when hovered over will reveal a further submenu of items.

The Resource Library, Calendars and Calculators submenu item will give you access to a soundex converter, a regnal year and roman numeral converters, and a calendar of Saints days and feast days.

The Resource Library, Dictionaries icon will lead you to a number of different purpose dictionaries. Some dictionaries have been added relating to specific areas of family history research such as the dictionaries for land, church and probate matters.  We also have on-line six foreign language dictionaries for Latin, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portugese.

The Address Directory will now be found under the "Planning" submenu item of the Resource Library. We are currently in the process of updating all of the addresses and hope to have that feature fully restored soon.

The LDS FHC Resources can now be found under the "Resource Library", "Planning" submenu item as well. Clicking on that item leads to that portion of this website that is devoted to helping the novice and more experienced researcher understand the systems of one of the largest private research libraries on-line today - the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A..  Included in this segment of this website are a quick reference chart of I.G.I. Batch Numbers and a table of the typical resources that will be found at many Family History Centres.  There are also 2 distinct FAQ sheets:  one related to questions about the I.G.I. and one related to questions about the Personal Ancestral File or PAF program produced by the Church.  Also here you will find an inventory list of the current holdings at the St. Catharines Family History Centre just in case you happen to be in the neighbourhood.

The Military resources can be found in the "Resource Library" section of the "Reference Centre" menu item. These resources are still in the process of being added to.  Currently, we have on-line a listing of every British Garrison station during 1813 and a resources list of abbreviations used by the Canadian military during WWI and found throughout the military records of that time.

The Bibliography and Glossary are also now to be found in the "Resource Library" section of the "Reference Centre" menu item.

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