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Errors in Published Genealogies,
Magdeleine Louise LeJeune

Extensive research into the ancestry of the Vienneau family of New Brunswick and Acadia produced several genealogical claims concerning the parentage of Magdeleine Louise LeJeune of Pisiquid, New Brunswick, Canada, the second wife of Jean-Baptiste Vienneau. Inasmuch as the research had been undertaken to document and support a claim of native ancestry it was imperative that all claims of native ancestry of each family member be followed through to conclusion, whether that conclusion produced the desired result or lead to a negative end. All claims of the LeJeune native grandmother of Magdeleine Louise LeJeune have now been overturned. This is not to say that somewhere farther back in Magdeleine's ancestry there is not a native line, but her immediate family has now been confirmed through preponderance of existing evidence and the elimination of all other likely individuals named Magdeleine LeJeune.

Magdeleine's father was Eustache LeJeune1, the son of Martin LeJeune dit Briart1 and his second wife, Marie Gaudet1.  Most published claims of Magdeleine's ancestry, including those available via the internet, have erroneously placed Eustache as the son of Martin LeJeune's first wife, Marie-Jeanne Kagijonais who was a Mi'kmaq.  This connection is in error as Marie-Jeanne Kagijonais died during 16981 in Acadia.  Eustache LeJeune was born during 17141 and Martin LeJeune had married his second wife, Marie Gaudet, shortly before 17001.

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