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Levi Crannell

The parents of Levi Crannell, Sr. of Ottawa, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada has now been proven to be Henry Crannell and Eliza Crouch of Albany, New York, U.S.A.1.

Also overturned are some of the "facts" as reported in the March-April, 1985 issue of The Humboldt Historian.  That article indicates that Levi Crannell "...died in 1927."  and that he was of Toronto.  The only two Levi Crannells that had connection with Ontario were Levi Crannell, Sr., as noted above, and his son, Levi Wilfred Crannell2.  Mr. Crannell, Sr. died at Ottawa on 21 October 19303.  Levi Wilfred Crannell died at Ottawa on 7 July 19463.

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