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Prices of all services are subject to change without prior notice.  However, we guarantee that no increase in price will be charged to you if we receive your request for our service prior to any published raise in price for this service.

Since 1990 we have been offering a unique research support service for amateur and novice genealogists through our genealogy coaching service.

Benefits to you

  • Assurance that your research stays in the right tree
  • Quicker, more efficient solutions to your research problems
  • Breakthrough research roadblocks
  • Maximize your time at an archive or library
  • Less waste of your valuable resources

Why we think we can help you

  • 49 years of combined successful legal and genealogical research
  • 17 years of respected editorial and copywriting activities
  • 9 years of full-house seminars and lectures
  • 9 years of successful genealogical class instruction

Our coaching service was designed for family historians who need practical advice from time-to-time to navigate around research roadblocks, understanding DNA results and matches, and for those who just need to know more about the resources that can help them with their search.

Research coaching, unlike our Consultation service, was designed to provide you with quick but succinct answers to your perplexing research problems.  Buy a block of research coaching time today for 15, 30 or 60 minutes and it will be like having your own personal expert genealogist in your pocket.

Instructions for ordering your query service

1.  Submit your research problem to us by email with your telephone number and include all pertinent information surrounding your research problem. Remember, no information is too small or irrelevant to include in your email.

2.  Select the amount of coaching time you think you need - 15, 30 or 60 minutes - and complete your payment for that time by clicking on one of the payment buttons below. Follow the instructions given to take you through the checkout process.  Any unused minutes will automatically be rolled over to your next coaching session.

Once we have received confirmation of your payment and we have received your email query it will be reviewed to see if we require any additional information from you. If we do require further information or clarification we will contact you within 24 business hours by email, or by telephone if you reside anywhere in continental North America. At that time we will also set your appointment for your coaching session.

Coaching Time
Coaching Time
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