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Civil Registration - Republic of Ireland

Non-Roman Catholic civil marriages commenced 1 April 1845
All events for all citizens commenced 1 January 1864

See "How to Obtain" below chart

Type of Data Birth Marriage Death Index
Name of Individualyes checkmarkyes checkmarkyes checkmark For civil registration indexes 1845-1958, search the computerized registration indexes at Note: this excludes index records for Northern Ireland after its creation in 1922.

From 1864-1921, searches can be made of the indexes at either the General Record Office (GRO) or the General Records Office of Northern Ireland (GRONI).

After 1921, the GRO contains the indexes for the Republic and GRONI has the indexes for Northern Ireland.

Also available for searching on a number of commercial subscription websites, which will not be detailed here.
Marital Statusno crosscheckyes checkmarkyes checkmark
the spouse's name is sometimes recorded if a married or widowed woman
Ageno crosscheckyes checkmarkyes checkmark
Since December 2005 in the Irish Republic the deceased's date and birth and parents' full names are recorded.
Occupationno crosscheckyes checkmarkyes checkmark
in case of child, occupation may be replaced by names of parents
Date of Eventyes checkmarkyes checkmarkyes checkmark
plus cause of death and duration of illness
Place of Eventyes checkmark
with place of residence
yes checkmarkyes checkmark
Name of Fatheryes checkmarkyes checkmarkyes checkmark
As of December, 2005 in the Irish Republic the deceased's father's' full name is recorded.
Father's Occupationyes checkmarkyes checkmarkno crosscheck
If Father Livingno crosscheckyes checkmarkno crosscheck
Place of birth of Fatherno crosscheckno crosscheckno crosscheck
Name of Motheryes checkmarkyes checkmarkyes checkmark
As of December, 2005 in the Irish Republic the deceased's mother's' full name is recorded.
Maiden Surname of Motheryes checkmarkyes checkmarkyes checkmark
Mother's Occupationno crosscheckno crosscheckno crosscheck
If Mother Livingno crosscheckno crosscheckno crosscheck
Place of birth of Motherno crosscheckno crosscheckno crosscheck
Witnessesno crosscheckyes checkmarkyes checkmark
name of medical attendant
Relationship of Witnesses to Individualno crosscheckno crosscheckno crosscheck
Addresses of Witnessesno crosscheckno crosscheckno crosscheck
Name of Informant of Eventyes checkmarkno crosscheckyes checkmark
Relationship of Informant to Individualyes checkmarkno crosscheckyes checkmark
Address of Informantyes checkmarkno crosscheckyes checkmark
Changes to Information on certificatesNone other than noted above.None other than noted above.None other than noted above.

How to Obtain

For all of Ireland up to 1921 and Republic from 1922 to date go to

By mail:
Births, Marriages (from 1845) and Deaths 1864-1921 all of Ireland as well as in the Republic of Ireland from 1922 to date can be obtained from
The General Register Office

Available via the LDS Family History Library:
Note: Not all certificates for all events are have been microfilmed.

Indexes Online:
All of Ireland births 1864-1921, marriages 1845-1921, and deaths 1864-1921.
Republic of Ireland, only: births 1922-1958, marriages 1922-1958, and deaths 1922-1958

Indexes on Microfilm:
All of Ireland Births 1864-1921
All of Ireland Marriages 1845-1921
All of Ireland Deaths 1864-1921
Republic of Ireland, only Births, Marriages and Deaths 1922-1958

Certificates on Microfilm:
All of Ireland and Republic of Ireland 1864-Mar 1881; 1900-1913 and 1930-1955

Protestant and Civil both Republic and all Ireland 1845-1870
All Marriages Republic - not available 1922 to present

Republic 1864-1870

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