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Civil Registration - Canada, New Brunswick

Registration of births, deaths and marriages commenced 1 Jan 1888

See "How to Obtain" below chart

Type of DataBirthMarriageDeathIndex
Name of Individualyes checkmarkyes checkmark
plus province or country of each party's birth, current residence and religious denomination
yes checkmark
with place of residence at time of death
All BMDs are fully searchable and viewable for free online at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, which includes marriage and death certificates up to 1964. Also see "How to Obtain" section below for the certificates that are viewable via Only a few of its' categories have been indexed for searching.
Marital Statusno crosscheckyes checkmarkyes checkmark
later certificates required name of spouse if deceased was married
Ageno crosscheckyes checkmarkyes checkmark
with date and place of birth of deceased
Occupationno crosscheckyes checkmarkyes checkmark
Date of Eventyes checkmarkyes checkmark
and if by licence or banns
yes checkmark
with cause of death and duration of illness
Place of Eventyes checkmarkyes checkmarkyes checkmark
Name of Fatheryes checkmarkyes checkmarkno crosscheck
Father's Occupationyes checkmarkno crosscheckno crosscheck
If Father Livingno crosscheckno crosscheckno crosscheck
Place of birth of Fatheryes checkmarkyes checkmark
added circa 1920
yes checkmark
but only from 1920 onwards
Name of Motheryes checkmarkyes checkmarkno crosscheck
Maiden Surname of Motheryes checkmarkyes checkmarkyes checkmark
but only from 1920 onwards
Mother's Occupationno crosscheckno crosscheckno crosscheck
If Mother Livingno crosscheckno crosscheckno crosscheck
Place of birth of Motheryes checkmarkno crosscheckyes checkmark
but only from 1920 onwards
Witnessesyes checkmark
generally name of person delivering child
yes checkmarkno crosscheck
Relationship of Witnesses to Individualyes checkmark
generally name of person delivering child
no crosscheckno crosscheck
Addresses of Witnessesno crosscheckyes checkmarkno crosscheck
Name of Informant of Eventyes checkmark
generally name of person delivering child
yes checkmark
generally name of clergy
yes checkmark
Attending physician and signature of person making return
Relationship of Informant to Individualno crosscheckno crosscheckyes checkmark
but only from 1920 onwards
Address of Informantyes checkmarkyes checkmarkyes checkmark
but only from 1920 onwards
Changes to Information on certificatesIncludes late registrations that exist for BMDs that had occurred between 1810 and 1887 but registered after 1888.Circa 1920 question added as to whether bride and groom could read and/or write.

Other sources for marriages include the following: Record Group 3 (Provincial Secretary), Record Series 551 for marriage bonds 1810 through 1932 but does not record all marriages within that time period. County marriage registers mostly ending during 1887 or 1888 for Albert County from 1846, Carleton County from 1832, Charlotte County from 1806, Gloucester County from 1832 but missing 1861 through 1872, Kent County from 1844, King's County from 1812, Northumberland County from 1792, Queens County from 1812, Restigouche County from 1838, St. John County from 1810, Sunbury County (licenses only) from 1810, Westmorland County from 1790, York County from 1812.
Religious denomination included on certificates.

1920 Onwards: certificates include date and place of burial as well as name of undertaker, medical certificate of death including cause of death, operations, length of illness, etc.

How to Obtain

In person:
Provincial Archives
Richard Bennett Hatfield Archives Complex
Bonar Law - Bennett Building
23 Dineen Drive
UNB Campus
Fredericton, NB Canada

By Telephone:
(506) 453-2122

For all certificates up to the mid-20th century (i.e., marriages and deaths up to 1964):
Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

For Historical certificates only as follows:
Provincial Returns of Births and Late Registrations, 1810-1906
County Registers of Births, ca. 1812-1919
Births and Baptisms, 1819-1899
Late Registration of Births, 1810-1899

Marriage Registers, 1789-1889
Provincial Marriages 1789-1950
Provincial Returns of Marriages, 1887-1919
Provincial Returns of Marriages and Late Registrations, 1920-1950

Provincial Deaths, 1815-1938
Provincial Returns of Deaths, 1815-1919
Death Certificates, 1920-1934
Death Certificates, 1935-1938

By mail:
PO Box 6000
Fredericton, NB CANADA
E3B 5H1

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