8-Generation Armorial Family Tree

Artist, S. D. Young

armorial 8-generation chart in blue and white

Click on image to see larger representation of tree.

Format:  acrylic pigments on mixed media art stock
Dimensions:  22" x 30" (55.88 cm x 76.2 cm)

Beautiful original 8-generation family chart on which to record your family's lineage rendered in acrylic pigments.  This chart is truly an heirloom for your family and will remain in excellent condition for many generations - up to 200 years, or more, if maintained correctly.  This product is hand-produced on minimum 160lb. artist's paper.  Upon receipt of payment for your order your chart will be prepared and shipped to you within 7 days.

Also available in blue/gold, green/white, green/gold, red/white, and red/gold.  Due to anomalies in colour rendering in webpages these colour chips have been provided as a closer representation of the colours of the finished product.armorialpaintchipssmall.jpg - 3897 Bytes

Please specify colours when ordering.  This chart also contains a cadency mark to indicate the birth order of the primary male to be shown on the chart.  This chart shows the cadency mark for the first son (see symbol at bottom of large shield).  If a man's name is to be recorded as the first individual on this chart, please specify if he is 1st, 2nd, 3rd or other-born son.  If a woman's name is to be recorded as the first individual on this chart, please specify if her father was the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or other-born son.  Picture frame is not included.

Comes with a package of technical lettering tools:  flat-edge ruler, mechanical pencil, extra fine lettering pen, artist's polymer eraser, lettering practice guide, and full instructions.

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Picture frame, matting and glass are not included.  Chart is shipped blank for you to complete are your leisure. We can letter your chart for you if you wish. Please email us at sales@ancestrysolutions.com before you make your chart purchase to learn the details.


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