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Probate Terms Wordsearch Puzzle

There are 20 different terms that have the potential for being displayed in the word list on the right-hand of your computer screen. However, only 12 of those terms are chosen to create each puzzle. Additionally, there are fourteen different combinations of the terms that appear in this puzzle. So, you will be able to play this particular puzzle a minimum of 14 times before it begins to repeat the same combinations of words. The position of the words within those 14 puzzles is infinite meaning that you can visit here again-and-again to play the word search puzzles without playing the exact same puzzle twice.

To solve the word search, you will be using the words listed in the block on the right-hand side of the puzzle as your clues. Click on the first and last letter of the word once you find it in the puzzle block. The letters will turn to a red colour and the word will be automatically struck off of the list.

Unfortunately, the original creator of these puzzles didn't allow for the fact that they would be used in a teaching capacity and as such, has left me without the ability to change the somewhat smarttalk pop-up prompts that appear each time a word is solved.

If the link appears over the bottom of the puzzle on your computer screen - it floats in the from top left down to the bottom right and settles at the bottom - unfortunately, there is not much that can be done to shift it out of your way. Just know that if a word appears underneath the link box you will not be able to solve that word.

Enjoy! Have fun learning terms found in probate documents.

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