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Kent Genealogy

Maureen Rawson had a vision of an English county website - the types of information it should contain, how it should be structured, and how it should be presented to the world. What an outstanding job and service Maureen has performed in producing the Kent Genealogy website. I urge anyone with Kent, England ancestry to "get thee hence" to Maureen's website and bookmark it immediately.

The icing on the website cookie, though, is that this site is entirely free to access and to use. Here, you will find no hidden gimmicks, no hidden fees and no hidden agendas to sell you anything, except that which comes by way of pop-ups from Rootsweb.

The Kent Genealogy site contains hard data in the form of transcripts and extracts - census, parish registers, directories, tax rolls, voter's polls, County quarter sessions, prisoner indices, apprenticeships, settlements, removals, illegitimacy examinations and more. The crowning achievement comes by way of transcripts and extracts of over 4,100 pre-1858 Kentish Wills and Will Abstracts and over 1600 entries from Kent Inventories written during the period 1642 to 1699. A Google search facility is available on this site so that the entire site can be quickly searched from one entry box.

Contributions to this site have come from many individuals. Maureen, as well, has diligently and dedicatedly contributed many Maidstone-focused and other resources. Links have also been included to Kent local (village, town, city) websites and to independent family websites that have Kent ancestors.

Maureen keeps this site fresh and active. I visit the "What's New" section at least once per week to catch up on the additions. If you have Kent ancestors you just cannot do without making repeat visits to this site. If you are considering setting up a County-based website I highly recommend adopting the model that Maureen has produced. Well done, Maureen! And, on behalf of Kent ancestry seekers everywhere, I thank you for the dedication and vision you have demonstrated in producing and maintaining Kent Genealogy.

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