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I came across something very interesting on the IGI.  Some of the surnames have been entered as."<JONES>" and will NOT display when "JONES" is entered.  For instance, when I check the box for exact spelling of the surname LANGRISH in Dorset, none are returned on my search.  But when I add the angle brackets around the surname many entries are returned in Melcombe Regis, Batch C320699.  If I take any of the names listed in this batch and do a general search without using the batch number or the angle brackets, none of the entries are returned even though they are clearly returned when the angle brackets are included around the surname.  What is happening?

I found a reference in a Family History Society 1851 Bromley census index to my family.  How do I use the reference numbers - 504a - shown in the index to order that same census from the Family History Library?

Recently, I ordered a film of parish baptisms, marriages and burials for Dartford, Kent and they rang me to tell me it was "Permanently Restricted", yet I was able to view the Bishop's Transcripts, which are very incomplete.  Why are some films restricted and others are not?

Ok, then, can you explain why we cannot access the records of my grandparents, who were married February 09, 1821, at St. Mary's Cathedral, Manchester, Lancashire, England (M005467)?

When the IGI gives a source for an entry as a film number and that film is something like "Endowments", is it possible to find out who submitted the original entry?

When a submitter has listed incorrect information in the IGI and there are no source numbers to back up their work, is it possible to contact the person and let them know they are wrong or at least compare notes about a person they are researching?

What does the info at the bottom of the IGI mean, e.g. Source Information:  Batch No.:  Dates:  Source Call No.:  Type:?

I have just found an "A" batch which seems to have nothing to do with the name or area.  From what source was the information drawn for that entry?

May I have your opinion on how reliable are the LDS Batch Files?  I was looking for one of my DENNEs, tried the Batch file quoted, and found a whole lot of DENNEs I had never heard of before, so can I rely on them being correct?

I have tried the Hugh Wallis finder without success.  I wonder if anyone could tell me how to find the batch nos. of St Botolphs, Aldgate and St Stephens, Walbrook, two churches within the City of London?

Is it true that LDS members can, using passwords and pin numbers, access names and contact details of submitters of records to the IGI?  I have not had to do this myself but have seen a LDS member at our FHC do it for someone else.

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