DuBarry Inheritance

Author, Marion Ward

DuBarry Inheritance book cover

Format: 1st edition hardback with dust jacket, good condition
Dimensions: 246 pages, 5-1/2" x 8-3/4"
Published: 1967
Language: English
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"This is the moving and tragic account of how the theft of Madame DuBarry's jewels...in 1791 led indirectly...to her death on the guillotine as an enemy of the nation." - jacket flyleaf  Making use of contemporary French and English records, the author has provided an authentic and fascinating description of many levels of French life from the time immediately preceding the Revolution through many years following.  The author has also traced the history of the stolen jewels up to the recovery and subsequent sale of some of them at Christie's. Includes index and extensive endnotes.

ASR rating 23.


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